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Cannabis Testing Kits - Variable Pipettes - Centrifuges - Digital Scales - Digital Microscopes

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Testing the % of THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, & more in Marijuana Plants & Cannabis Products

Easy To Us with consistent results, Thin Layer Chromatography ( TLC) Marijuana THC Test Kits. These Marijuana testing kits are in full compliance with the World Health Organization concerning the safety and quality of medicinal plant materials.(WHO/PHARM/92.559) ... This video is a EXAMPLE of a cold test, Fiollow the directions with your kit

cGMP-compliant and U.S. Pharmacopoeia Convention Certified USP’s drug standards are enforceable in the United Statesby the Food and Drug Administration, these standards are used in more than 140 countries.

These Cannabis test kits work on plant materials as well as Oils, Edibles and Tinctures. Any substance with more than 1% ofa cannabinoid in it, will be visible on the tlc plate according to the manufacture, a great thc, cbd potency tester for many types of cannabis products used world wide for years.

CANADA After reviewing our application for a TK permit as required in your country, the Office of Controlled Substances Health Canada notified us a TK number is Not Required for use of our test kits in Canada. We ship to Canada regularly . High Times Article about our TLC test kits - Read more

thc testing supplies

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marijuana testing kits


Cannabis Testing Kits come in 3 Sizes


Test Kit #1 will test 20-25 samples $159.95


Test Kit # 2 will test 40-50 samples $270.00


Test Kit #3 will test 80-100 samples $475.00


All our kits have been used around the world for years, FDA, cGmp, USP, UNODC Complaint and University studied these kits have proven to be very accurate and consistent Can be used to test all the current known cannabis substances in many oils, edibles, tinctures and many more cannabis products. Visit our store

NOTE: Purchsing a variable pipette will replace micro capillary tubes in all testing and refill kits


thc refill tesing kits


Cannabis Refill Kits come in 2 Sizes

40-50 test in Refill Kit # 4 cost $185.00


80-100 test in Refill Kit #5 cost $335.00


All refill kits come with enough TLC plates to do all the testing in your kit 4 or 5

+ 2 syringes, 2 sprayers, dye, plastic pipette, micro capillary tubes and 1 bulb + enough reaction tubes to do all the testing in your size refill kit. We restock supplies weekly to keep all our products fresh and ready to ship. Visit our store

NOTE: Purchsing a variable pipette will replace micro capillary tubes in all testing and refill kits.



cannabis thc tesing kit



Digital Microscope (USB) + Stand

$ 59.00

Great for finding Mold on plant substances

Offers 10X-200X Magnification ratio, captures 2MP still images, streams and records live videos. The stand really helps in keeping the image stable when you take a photo or video, most comparable microscopes have short stands that do not stay stable and are hard to keep in focus, we tried a lot of them before deciding on this model. Ultra-clear image processing technology provides excellent image and video quality. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS (driver free) 10.6 or above NOT Windows 8.User-friendly software provides advanced editing, processing and measuring features Visit our store



TLC test kits testing marijuana marijuana testing supplies marijuana testing kit

A Complete 4 piece Mini Lab


$635.00 for all 4 pieces

Sale $618.00

This is a perfect start up mini lab for those who want to do complete testing for themselves or others.

Many areas in the USA , Canada and other countries do not have labs available for testing products in their local areas. Our kits have been used in many labs in conjunction with GC and HPLC machines but many clients have also started small labs with out other testing equipment, and have been performing with consistent accurate.

When you add a microscope for mold, a variable pipette for fast accurate sample transfer and a balanced scale for precise sample weight you are in business for less then the cost of 6 cannabis test done in a average machine equipped lab. This kit includes Kit # 3 with 80-100 test.

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testing marijuana kit


Variable Pipette

0.5-10 ul

$99.00 includes 100 tips

Harvest Sale now $84.00


Purchase $100.00 dollars in products and get a Variable Pipette for $69.00 (1 per order)


If you are planning on doing a lot of testing then for fast and accurate transferring of fluids from test tubes to tlc plates most labs use a "variable pipette" which by setting the amount of fluid to be extracted using the top of the knob to set your settings (in our case 2ul or 4 ul ) samples can easily be pull from your reaction tube and the exacted amount of fluid can be quickly dropped on to the plate with the push of the button

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cannabis tesing equiptment
THC test kits and supplies



$149.95 - $179.95


  • Sciloex D1008E ( 5,000 rpm)
  • Meteor TC -7 ......(7,200 rpm )
  • Supplied with an 8 place 1.5/2.0 ml micro tube rotor and PCR rotor
  • Compact design,. Whisper quiet operation Ideal for quick spin downs of micro tubes and PCR tubes.Geat for substances that may be hard to mix with the extraction fluid. Simply close the lid for acceleration and open the lid for deceleration, or use the on/off switch Universal voltage. We will send what color is available at the time.
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marijuana, cannabis testing


Digital Scale +

Balance Weight


  • Photo similar to product
  • This is a small accurate pocket scale for weighing plant material and products,
  • Sample weight is critical for consistent results. You must have a scale that will go to these weight sizes.
    • 0.1 of a gram- 100mg 0.05 of a gram- 50mg
    • Includes balance weight
    • This is the best scale we could flind in this price range it has worked for our clients for years.
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thc test kits


This cannabis testing kit is a unique Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) mini-laboratory.  It is registered, trademarked, patented, and university-certified. Known as Canalytics, Cannalyse, or Alpha Nova, the test kit contains a uniquely standardized and high performance developing protocol sometimes known as High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography or HPTLC. 

With these test kits the cannabinoids will be separated and identified on specially impregnated TLC plates.  Total extraction means that the THC residing inside the resin-producing, stalked, glandular trichomic cells will be released and therefore measured as well.  The extraction solvent disrupts the cell walls so all cannabinoid compounds will be released.This action is in contrast to analytical laboratories where alcohol or hexane is used as extraction solvent which only washes the oil droplets on the trichomes.  The greenish color of the extraction solvent is an indication of the total extraction.  Only a minimal amount of sample (100-120 mg) is needed for total cannabinoid extraction. More

Note: Hemp by US law must have less then 1% thc so it will show no visible signs on a tlc plate but if any substance in hemp is more than 1% cannabis then it will show on the plate like CBD or CBG or CBN The manual tells how to read the results using the charts included for samples other than straight cannabis plant material

The Cannalytics® test kit is designed for testing marijuana. However, besides marijuana, Cannalytics® can also be used to test other cannabis products. The amount of sample to be used for the tests depends on the cannabis product itself.

The following guidelines are suggested:
Marijuana 100 mg Hashish: 50 mg (or: weigh 100 mg, ) Dissolve in the test fluid and dilute this solution once more 1:1 with test fluid ( Most test will be 100 mg sample, hot test, 4ul on the TLC plate )
Space cake, Hash cookies & other edibles:100 mg
Marijuana concentrate pure oil: 50 mg. All other mixed oils 100mg

CBD TestingTLC Classes now being taught in 3 states & Canada

These are hands on classes, test kit # 1 will be included with the class

Click the state link you want to go to for information and class sign up at teachers web sites, TLC certification available. All classes include a test kit and hands on training by a Professional Chemist.

Vancouver WA Click Here ,,,,,,,.,,.......,,,, Medford OR Click Here.,,,,,,,,,.. ..... ,,,-.Ironwood MI & Canada Click Here


Due to high request we are happy to start more classes in Canada from our latest teacher Robin, Click Here for latest class schedule


We are currently looking for qualified instructors to teach TLC classes in their area using our kits, if you have the technical qualifications to teach this class and a place to teach it -mail us with your credentials and we will get back to you.

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Because we cannot anticipate or control the many different conditions under which this information and product may be used, we do not guarantee the applicability or the accuracy of this information or the suitability of our product in any given situation. Users of this product should make their own test to determine the suitability of the product for their particular purposes. The Product discussed is sold without warranty, either express or implied, and buyer assumes all responsibility for loss or damage arising from the handling and use of the product, whether done in accordance with directions or not.

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