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Cannabis Testing Kits -Variable Pipettes -Centrifuges -Digital Scales -Digital Microscopes

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We are dedicated to making your testing needs cost effective and easy easy

We started our business in 2008, opening our first online store in 2009. We started with a small thin layer chromatography cannabis testing kit we found over seas but it did not really work properly, so we contacted the company that produced the kit and asked if we could bring it to the USA. They decided not to move forward with the product so we took it to another level, we redesigned the fuctionaly of the kit and created easy to use English manual.

Thin Layer Chromatography testing has been around for years it is taught in many college chemistry courses and has been used by governments and countries to test drugs and other organic substances long before cannabis was even thought about.

In the USA many states have been using thin layer chromatography to test all types of drugs for years.

We now have a complete TLC lab supply store with 3 sizes of kits + refill kits and many additional supplies to help clients create a small lab or business. We sell world wide to many product producers as well as research developers, industrial growers ( including hemp growers) dispensaries and many other small niche business and individuals who either grow cannabis or purchase products with cannabis materials in them and want to know if they are getting their money's worth.

We are dedicated professionals who provide great customer service and want to give small business owners and start ups in the cannabis field a chance to grow.

Our pricing gives anyone the ability to start a small business with out it costing a ton of money and be able to be apart of this expa

We have become the leading world supplier of Cannabis TLC testing kits for over 7 years.

We have TLC classes being taught in 3 states by professionals and more states coming.

Our kits always have the lowest prices, freshest supplies and we are unique to any other kit on the international market today. In some cases, laboratories are now using our test kits in conjunction with their GC and HPLC machines when testing edibles and oils, some areas that have no labs at,all and clients have started legal labs in their area for clients that can not or will not go to a GC or HPLC lab all these small labs are doing great just using the kits.You can compare your results with any GC machine that is used properly.

Sample charts giving you up to 100% sample comparison values for oils, edibles and more + numeric values for each sample dot on the chart for the advanced user.We are always available for questions and have sold 1000's of testing kits.

Don't be mislead, we are the original suppliers and are the only test kit certified Internationally, including the USA. 

Due to the classification of marijuana substances by the Federal government as a Class I substance, any type of marijuana substances are illegal.  Therefore, there are no Federally-regulated standardized lab-testing procedures in place.  This means that no labs can be certified by the Federal government.  Any lab that wants to be certified for testing marijuana substances would have to be DEA-approved and, at this point, that is not happening.  So when a local GC or HPLC lab says they are certified, they may be certified as a laboratory by their state but they cannot be certified as a marijuana-testing laboratory in almost every state.

TLC Lab Supply is a subsidiary of R Green Services

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We have very secure check out if you have problems e-mail us.

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TLC Lab Supply

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