The need for a decent marijuana CBD THC test kit is increasing in the United States. Instead of HPLC procedures, both consumers and farmers are increasingly adopting testing kits to determine the strength of cannabis products. The Thin Layer Chromatography technique was applied to accurately build cannabis testing kits, resulting in quick and consistent findings.

Marijuana THC CBD testing is crucial, whether you’re a grower or a consumer. It is critical to ascertain the potency of cannabis. You won’t be able to assess the entire strength or potency of your cannabis if you don’t know how much THC it contains. This is why a cutting-edge marijuana THC CBD testing kit is in high demand.


Why marijuana THC CBD testing is crucial?

Because to a lack of adequate testing, some medical patients who use marijuana to get better are suffering negative repercussions. According to the US Federal Government, the potency of marijuana has grown 10 to 25 times on average over the previous several decades. THC levels are growing, but CBD levels are falling. To put it another way, current cannabis plants are more potent and contain more THC.

To minimize any severe health dangers, it is suggested that cannabis samples be tested using our marijuana THC CBD testing kits beforehand.


A number of things impact the potency of marijuana


The weather conditions

Cannabis plant growth conditions are critical in increasing cannabis potency. Climate elements like as soil, temperature, humidity, light, and UV rays all have an impact on the overall potency or strength of cannabis.

Plant breeding genetics

THC levels are extremely high in the cannabis plant’s blossoming heads and surrounding leaves. Resin secretion is influenced by harvest time, plant sex, and environmental circumstances. In general, the flowers contain 10-12 percent THC, the leaves contain 1-2 percent THC, the stalks contain 0.1-0.3 percent THC, and the roots contain less than 0.03 percent THC.



The way cannabis plants are produced has an impact on the THC content of a product. Extensive indoor cultivations can result in higher THC levels in cannabis than outside cultivations. Some farmers cross-breed different plants to boost the strength of their cannabis products and boost their revenues.


Product classification

Cannabis products are available in a variety of potencies. If you’re working with herbs, the potency will be somewhere between 5 and 10%. THC concentrations in cannabis resins can reach 20% or even higher. Cannabis oil, on the other hand, is the most powerful, with up to 60% THC content.

You should now have a decent knowledge of how the potency of cannabis products varies based on a number of factors. Rather than being baffled by marijuana’s potency, we recommend purchasing our marijuana THC CBD testing test kit now and determining the drug’s total potency.