Why Test Marijuana and Cannabis Products

Everyone knows more or less about the effects and laws around Marijuana and Cannabis. However, with changing times, it has become important to know the potency of these compounds to use them optimally. This is where our Marijuana THC test kit comes into play.

Our THC test kits can be used to test the percentage of various cannabinoids in Marijuana plants and other Cannabis products. We use Thin Layer Chromatography to get the best test results. There are several cannabinoids (almost 70), but there are 8 which affect the most. The 8 most impactful cannabinoids are THC, THCv, THCa, CBD, CBDa, CBN, CBG, CBC. Out of these, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the most widely known and abundant one. CBD or Cannabidiol looks like the most promising cannabinoid when medical conditions are considered. Overall, there is a lot of debate around the legalization and use of Marijuana. But, one can’t overlook the necessity of testing them for various purposes.

Here are some reasons to test Marijuana and other Cannabis products.

  • It will make way for better standards. With proper testing in process, there will be a better quality of the recreational drugs available in the market
  • It has a lot to do with the safety of the drug consumers. A completely comprehensive testing will make way for safe habits as well. When safety is a primary concern, testing has to be brought in.
  • A well carried out test will make way for knowing the potency of the products. Our THC test kits work on the principles of Thin Layer Chromatography and that will help you know the potency of every Marijuana product you buy.

These are the 3 major benefits of testing Marijuana plants or Cannabis products available around. Our Marijuana THC test kits comply with the global standards of test kits and they work with plant material like oils, edibles, and tinctures as well. We ship our kits all over the world to spread the word on Marijuana safety everywhere.