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CTK Refill Kits 3 Kit Sizes available now.

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You must purchase a test kit before refill kits are available

Refill kit #4 (10) tlc plates 40-50 test

Refill kit #5 (20) tlc plates 80-100 test

Refill kit #6 (25) tlc plates 100-125 test (very basic developing kit)

Please let us know if you need micro capillary tubes in your order (in the comment section during checkout) if you own a variable pipette, you do not need them, and we will include Pipette tips. Please let us know which one of these you need in your refill kit.

Refill Kits Include ( expect kit #6 )

tlc plates

1 dye bottle

1 bottle developing, extraction Fluids

Micro caps or variable pipette tips



Plastic Pipette

Extraction tubes

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