Are you able to determine the amount of THC in your cannabis strain? Determining the THC percent in cannabis is difficult unless you analyze the samples. The “Total THC” level of cannabis products purchased from a registered medical dispensary may be seen on the label.

Various producers use different testing techniques and compute THC levels in different ways due to the lack of an approved industry standard for quantifying THC in Cannabis.

Nowadays, there are a variety of over-the-counter THC potency test kits accessible. They’re the most used and well-reviewed, but they each use a different method to determine THC potency and have their own set of features.


Why is it necessary to test the THC content of cannabis using a THC potency tester?

The chemical nature of marijuana for medical use must be properly explored. Cannabis has a cannabinoid profile comparable to a fingerprint, with over 70 components, the correct dose of which might affect a patient’s therapy.

THC is an antioxidant that also contributes to the euphoric effects of cannabis. THC appears to have anti-inflammatory properties and can help with neuropathic pain alleviation.

THC is measured as a percentage of the total weight of the product. As a result, while assessing the potency of cannabis flowers, the moisture content is important.


THC Testing Alternatives

Consumer testing and corporate tests are two different sorts of tests. Consumer tests are performed at home, while corporate tests are performed in laboratories or on-site.

Consumers seek ways to assess the quality of the items they buy or cultivate at home because access to big certified laboratories is both financially and logistically difficult.


THC potency test kit at home provides a number of advantages.

Until now, the only way to assure potency and quality was to pay for costly laboratory testing. Consumers and small-scale producers may now buy home testing kits with accurate findings.

If your main interest is if an item contains THC, THC test kits are smaller, easier, and less expensive than full-spectrum cannabis testing at a lab.

TLC Lab Supply, a manufacturer of cannabis and THC potency test kits, works to make it easy for legal recreational cannabis consumers to test goods and medicinal users to identify strains that best suit the sort of symptom relief they require.

If all you need is data on potency to fine-tune your garden or titrate your dose, home testing can be a sensible and cost-effective option.

So, whether you want to know how potent those brownies you made with that amazing butter are or how much THC your super-secret closet-grow bud contains, get in touch with us right now!