Accuracy plays a vital role, when it’s about determining the potency of cannabis products. If the potency calculation of cannabis is not accurate, then the consequences may affect both producers and consumers. No matter, whether you are a medical marijuana patient or a commercial cannabis producer, testing the cannabis potency is important for everyone.

We at the TLC Lab Supply understood the problems of individuals in analyzing the cannabis’s potency, and accordingly introduced a reliable THC tester. As you know that, the potency of cannabis is directly proportional to the THC contents; it is easy to calculate the THC% .With our THC tester, you can effectively detect the presence of cannabinoids, and determine the overall potency of the product.

Thin Layer Chromatography Testing Methodology

Considering the importance of accuracy and reliability, we ensure that, our THC test kits follow Thin Layer Chromatography working principle (HPTLC). By using the TLC method, it is easy to separate the chemical compounds present in cannabis. Our HPTLC testing involves a thin layer of adsorbent material (TLC plate), preferably silica gel and a chemical solution. A small amount of cannabis sample is placed at the bottom of the TLC plate,and it is then dipped in the shallow pool of chemical solvent. As the solvent remains in the mobile phase, it slowly moves up to the TLC plate, due to capillary action.

There will come a moment, when the components will differ in solubility and the strength of their adsorption. When the solvent reaches the top, the plate is simply removed from the developing chamber and is subjected to ventilation. After drying, the separated cannabinoids are kept under supervision. The last process of HPTLC methodology includes color dying, as cannabinoids are highly sensitive to dyes. When dyes are sprayed over the cannabinoids, they display their own color, and justify their presence.

THC - Wine Red, CBD - Bright Yellow, CBN - Violet, CBG - Orange

Our THC tester kit includes a color chart indicator (which is a pre determined RF factor chart) which shows were each cannabinoids is located on the tlc plate, Just compare the chart with the test results, and detect which cannabinoids are present in your cannabis sample. As HPTLC is the primary chemical test for identification of all pharmacopeia monographs, there is no need to worry about the accuracy of test results. It is the only testing method, which offers an applicable approach to compliance with FDA regulations for 100% botanical identification. And % of potency.

Moreover, this is how our THC test kits help in determining the presence of cannabinoids in Cannabis, as compared to those GC and HPLC techniques, our TLC testing method is simple and very cost-effective. In many laboratories, the experts use our THC testers in conjunction with HPLC& GC techniques, for accurate test results.

Do Not Compromise With the Accuracy of Cannabis Testing

Cannabis is mainly used for medical treatments and recreations. In such conditions, if the test results regarding potency and quality of cannabis are not accurate, then it patients may experience in adequate results. Though, the medical dispensaries have products tested, there is no guarantee about the potency of the cannabis products. You need to understand that, the potency of a drug varies with testing methods and since there are no federal guide line standards for GC or HPLC testing. It means, different testing techniques, gives different potency results.

As we discussed above, TLC testing method is the most preferred technique to analyze the potency of cannabis, the sample weight determines a consistent result

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