All that you should know about THC

Cannabis, Marijuana is an herb that has been in debate for quite some time now. There are several pros and cons about the herb. Though the earlier thinking was about the psychoactive properties of cannabis, over the last few years there has a strong look into the medicinal properties of the herb. We all might know about the cannabinoids present in marijuana or cannabis and their effect on our bodyDe facto, most people might have heard the term THC several times. With us, you can find an affordable THC tester which will help you know the potency of the primary psychoactive cannabinoid in a given strain and more. But, how well do you know THC?

What is THC?

To keep it simple, THC stands for Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. It is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid present in marijuana or cannabis. THC is the reason you get the “high” effect in cannabis. It is found as an acid in the resin glands of female cannabis flower. Male cannabis plants also produce mild amounts of THC, but typically not enough to be extracted for general use.

How does THC affect our brain?

One of the major reasons THC affects people more than other cannabinoids is the shape of the compound. It has a specific molecular structure which allows THC to bind to neurotransmitters. Thereafter, it mimics anandamide, which can be considered as the natural cannabinoid found in our body. Once, the THC takes anandamide’s role, it helps release more dopamine and that’s the reason, people feel good. However, the effect of THC depends on the person consuming it as well as the strain and form of consumption. This is where THC testing comes into play. Have a look at the technical comparison between the 3 cannabis testing methods. It will help you know the right testing method for the right kind of strain.

Why is it important to measure the potency of THC?

Much like any other drug, regulation is the key. THC is no exception and that is the primary concern of using a THC tester. In the case of medical marijuana consumption, the potency plays a major role. With tested THC strains, patients can be more certain about the desired effect. This is possible only when you have an accurate THC tester. Lab tests are generally on the expensive side. This is where our THC tester plays an important role. Based on Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), our THC potency test kit are affordable and provide accurate results.

Testing the potency of THC is important to gauge the effect of different strains and forms. For people consuming medical marijuana, it is important to keep track of the changes. Testing THC is a good first step towards better medical marijuana consumption.

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