Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) THC potency test kits are simple to use and provide consistent findings. Our cannabis testing kits adhere to the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for the safety and purity of medicinal plants, as well as the United States Pharmacopoeia Convention Certified USP’s drug standards, which are enforced by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. These standards have been accepted by over 140 countries. You’ll be using a tried-and-true testing procedure with our Cannabis test kits, which many countries have used for years to test a wide range of drugs. Our Cannabis CBD and University-certified, trademarked, patented, and registered the testing kit The HPTLC development approach is used in the test kit, which is also known as Analytics, Cannalyse, or Alpha Nova.


The TLC plate is an effective THC testing tool that is used for many similar products. Our test kits are the best for testing a wide variety of chemicals in cannabis. Our test kits are affordable and simple to use, along with that it gives you the exact results you are looking for. The TLC plate is an amazing THC test tool used for a variety of cannabis products that is used all over the world. Our test kit is the finest for determining a wide range of chemicals in cannabis due to its easy use and affordability..


Benefits of THC test kits
1. Privacy – One of the most important uses of home drug tests is privacy. You can get the test done on yourself, your kids, or anyone else

2. Convenience – It provides a convenient way to test for drugs in the system. You can carry the test kits anywhere without detection.

3. Affordability – Our Thc testing kit is affordable compared to other laboratory tests.

4. Speedy, accurate results – With a home drug test kit, you don’t have to take any samples to the lab. You can easily use it at home in your comfort and get accurate results.

5. Ease of use – Home drug tests are easy to take and the tests follow easy procedures.